Children of the Unconquered Sun

Chapter Eighteen - Slaying Tainted Lunars

Time spent with the Satrap eventually convinced all four to cast their lot with him. Enchanted by his airships, Desdemona accepted command as the Admiral of her father’s fleet, and Mihir accepted that he would have to return to Greyfalls to bring Jezmin’s madness under his control and sway the people to Haral’s cause.

But first… there was the matter of Zhen Heaventouched.

Willing to lend his cavalry, foot soldiers and airships to the cause, Haral set out on a hard ride to meet with his men and engage with Zhen’s army of undead as they marched for the walled city of Celeren, not far from Thorns. While the airships bombed the army and the cavalry attacked from a flank, the Foursome would engage directly with Zhen.

That was the plan, anyway.

Deciding to drop in from above, the Foursome went down to the battlefield, strapped to gliders, but Zhen saw them coming and sent Obsidian Butterflies to cut them apart. The battle began.

Jumanah attacked with martial arts but was unable to strike the Lunar, who turned aside her blows readily. Desdemona and Rillin both struck at him, but no damage was done until Mihir shot three sunlight arrows into his face.

Zhen retaliated with a strike from a blood whip that would have surely killed Mihir had Rillin not intervened and saved him. But the weakened Elder Lunar soon fell prey to Desdemona’s next strike from her solar bolt, falling dead from his spectral horse. As he died, his army broke apart and went crazy, easy pickings for Haral’s forces.

Then, after he died, a dark, shadowed hand shot up from the earth to steal the silvered shard of Lunar light, dragging it down, panicking and mewling, into the dark of the underworld.



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