Children of the Unconquered Sun

Chapter Sixteen - Message For You, Sir

Now armed with the needed parts from the Goldwood Ruins and some Lizard Kings, the Foursome returned to Rillin’s manse in Halta to again enjoy his hospitality and let the scholar get to work. And work he did. He created a mechanism capable of tracking Zhen.

Then Mihir announced he’d received a message from Haral. He wanted a parlay. A representative by the name of Mnemon Badini Constantin would meet them at an inn on the road between Whitewall and Wallport, far to the north. This road, famous for its enchantments, would prevent any violence from rising between both parties, lest the offender find himself driven to suicide for breaking the peace on the road. Constantin would wait there for thirty days before assuming their answer was no, and he would leave.

After some discussion, it was decided that the group would temporarily leave off of tracking Zhen to deal with him and would instead go immediately to meet with Constantin on the road.

Off they went then, to meet with the young Dragonblood and his entourage. The journey was uneventful, which was something of a relief, since what Constantin had to say would be rather difficult to swallow.

Haral wanted the Solar Exalts to join him and help him to carve out his own kingdom, separate from the Empire, with the newly-renamed Cydonis (formerly Sperimen or Mahalanka) as its focal point. Shocked and a little disturbed, the Foursome did not give an immediate answer but left the meeting with Constantin to think on it awhile.

Some time later, Mihir privately approached Constantin, demanding to speak with Haral directly on the matter. Another message was sent, and Haral eventually answered through a courier.

He was on his way.



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