Children of the Unconquered Sun

Chapter Ten - Entering Denandsor

20th Day of Wood Descending in the Years of the Glorious Reign of our Scarlett Empress, May She Live Forever.


It is a grand, breath-taking city full of First Age wonders that has been abandoned for many, many centuries. Warily, expecting traps and monsters, Mihir and Jumanah went in first to do a little bit of initial scouting. They did not go far before they found out the reason why everyone stays away.

Every fifteen minutes, a wave of black terror spreads through the city. Those too weak in will to resist it run fleeing for the nearest gates.

Still, what they found was splendid, and soon, all four of the heroes were exploring through the city. They found treasures and cathedral factories. Taking materials and artefacts, they returned to the Night Star where Rillin put together tracking equipment to find the source of the black waves of terror as well as craft amulets to help resist its effects. Mihir discovered that jam sandwiches are not of any help during such endeavours.

Thus armed, the four returned to Denandsor for a second venture…

Which has been going nearly disastrously. Upon the first wave of terror striking them again, Jumanah lost control of herself, and in a rage, she fled the city to tear into the first thing that she could find.

Left to their own devices, Mihir, Rillin and Desdemona went onwards to try to finish the mission. They found the central tower where the black terror was originating, guarded by a pair of golems. Mihir talked to them, distracted them, so that Des and Rill could sneak into the tower.

While Mihir was directed to the Daimyo’s office for a great seal to enter the tower without the golem guards attacking him, Rill and Des made their way downwards, searching for the machinery itself to deactivate the black terror assaulting their minds on a regular basis.

But the job was not finished before a terrible, black energy began to emanate from the top of the tower, oozing its way down the central pillar. Mihir emerged from the Daimyo’s office and rode his automaton Garron up the stairs of the tower to find the reason why, arriving there before Rillin and Desdemona could venture out of the basement chambers.

Zhen Heaventouched was there and conducting a ritual.



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