Children of the Unconquered Sun

Chapter Thirteen - To Halta and Goldwood Ruins

Following a conference between the Awesome Foursome, it was decided that they would travel to Halta. Mihir brought up the possibility of a parlay with Haral following that disaster in Denandsor, and no objections were raised, only a few concerns.

So following their journey to Halta, they found themselves at Rillin’s home, a great and magnificent manse elevated above the trees, situated atop a floating lake. Enjoying the hospitality provided by the scholarly Lunar, the Foursome took a brief but well-earned breather, doing little but swimming, eating and messing around.

Eventually, however, the group resumed their adventurings. This time, lured by the revival of Lizard Kings, ancient knowledge and finding one last, needed piece for a tracking device aimed at Zhen, they began walking the Tree Road towards the Goldwood Ruins.

The trek along the Tree Road itself was treacherous. Due to ancient pacts with faerie beings, residents of Halta were safe so long as they never touched the ground. That didn’t stop the faeries from trying to lure travellers to the ground, through either tricks or sending out hugely overgrown Tyrant Lizards to attack the Foursome.

Which is exactly what happened… A Tyrant Lizard came thundering out at the group, hugely overgrown and far too tall to be natural. With cunning and quickness, the Foursome subdued it. Mihir dazzled and distracted it with flaring arrows while Rillin worked a counterspell, reducing it down to a more normal size, at which point it ran off to try to eat the faerie that had set it on them in the first place.



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