Children of the Unconquered Sun

Chapter Twelve - Airship Battle! Oh Noes!

30th Day of Wood Descending in the Years of the Glorious Reign of our Scarlet Empress, May She Live Forever.

Upon leaving Denandsor, the Glorious Foursome flew due west through the air, heading towards open waters. For awhile, it was relaxed enough that Jumanah even played a prank on the crew, sending out little floating eye golems to stare at everyone without them being spotted, dripping jam on Mihir’s nose or teasing Rillin by floating around behind his head.

The respite was not long-lasting, however.

Soon, a thick fog rolled in across the waters as the ship touched down into the seas. Flaring the anima banners only momentarily repelled it, and soon Rillin discovered that the fog was Abyssal in nature. A ship was approaching, very swiftly, and the rain began to pour…

Zhen was upon it. He’d changed since their last meeting, having grown exceeding pale and wraith-like in appearance. He had lost his eyes. There were only perpetually-bleeding sockets. The tainted Lunar screamed out his welcome to the crew and sent a Fang of Erymanthoi to the deck of the Night Star before fleeing into the night.

Although injuries were taken, the crew of the Night Star and the Awesome Foursome defeated the Erymanthoi. Desdemona then directed the ship due south, along the coastline, into unclaimed waters.



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