Mnemon Badini Constantin


A recent graduate of the Heptagram who found himself “volunteered” for the Wild Hunt and dispatched to Greyfalls to aid in the upcoming battle against Raksi, Queen of Fangs. He was the only member of the Hunt sent, whether for lack of personnel or for some obscure political motive he can’t begin to untangle.

Upon arriving in Greyfalls he met with Tepet Aliana and fell in love with her, and she with him. It took a great deal of personal and political maneuvering on both of their parts to get his grandmother to agree to the match, and the engagement didn’t happen until well after a fort was established at Speriman. In the meantime he and Aliana were instrumental in warning the army of a second attack, one that was coming from an unexpected direction: a party of fae.

After the battle to take Speriman (now renamed Cydonia) he discovered the library and landed himself a cush assignment fixing some of the library’s tech and studying some of its secrets. He was also given the quarters just above the library, mostly cause Cathaks like putting sorcerers out of the way.

Instead, which proved to be a boon for him since the thing is a manse. He quickly took control of it and shared that control with Aliana. He has discovered many secrets and spells in the library to date.

Mnemon Badini Constantin

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