Character Creation



Generals and champions, masters of all forms of warfare.

Anima powers: Help this caste appear terrifying.


Priest-kings, prophets, mystics, judges and devotees of the Unconquered Sun who thirst for righteousness and justice.

Anima powers: Burn the bodies of the dead and offers protection from creatures of darkness.


Scholars, sorcerers, crafters, thinkers and doers. Those who can use their training and scholarship to change the world.

Anima powers: May use anima as protective shields.


Lords of stealth and trickery, spies, police, those who can find unconventional solutions to problems.

Anima: As cloaks against detection, may mute Anima displays.


Diplomats, bureaucrats, lovers of travel and excellent at all forms of communications.

Anima powers: May use anima to sanctify oaths and contracts, to provide diplomatic immunity when dealing with spirits, demons, and Faerie.

Here’s what the character sheet looks like

You can play around with this but you won’t be able to save it. It’s useful scrap paper though.

Character Creation Summary

1. Choose concept, caste, & motivation. Motivations are driving and epic goals such as Rid the Land of Slavery or Unite the Warring Kingdoms or Play the Song which Melts the Heart of the Demon Prince, etc. Intimacies may also be chosen: these are more minor motivations, things your character cares about (ex: loyalty to country, love of a spouse, children, family, defining yourself as a musician, etc). Your character may be any age, from teenager to age 60, but the body would be whole, hale, and fit for adventure.
2. Note caste’s anima powers
3. All attributes start with 1 dot before you add any
4. Prioritize 3 categories: physical, social, mental (8/6/4). Don’t necessarily have to do this by caste. For example, a charismatic dawn caste general might have social first, not physical, representing his ability to lead armies to victory.
5. Assign attributes.
6. Note Caste Abilities
7. Select 5 favored abilities that are NOT the same as caste abilities
8. Spend 10 ability points in caste or favored ability
9. 18 points in anything
10. Each favored ability must get at least 1 point and may not raise any ability above 3 points at this stage.
11. Choose backgrounds (7 points, none higher than 3 at this stage)
12. Choose charms (10, at least 5 from caste or favored abilities)
13. Virtues (5, none may be higher than 4 at this stage) and virtue flaws
14. Record essence (2)
15. Record willpower (Total of 2 highest virtues, may not start higher at 8 unless at least 2 virtues are 4 or higher)
16. Record personal essence (Essence X 3 + WP), Peripheral essence (Essence X 7 + Willpower + sum of character’s virtues)
17. Health levels (-0, -1, -1, -2, -2, -4, I). Charms may add more health levels (see Ox Body Technique)
18. Spend 15 bonus points:

Trait Cost
Attribute 4
Ability 2 (1 if favored or caste)
Background 1 (2 if background raised above 3)
Specialty 1 (2 per 1 if in a favored or caste ability)
Virtue 3
Willpower 2
Intimacies 3 to increase starting Intimacies to WP + Compassion
Essence 7
Charms 5 (4 if in favored caste or ability)

19. Backgrounds

  • Allies
  • Artifact
  • Backing
  • Contacts
  • Cult
  • Familiar
  • Followers
  • Influence
  • Manse
  • Mentor
  • Resources
    20. Virtues
  • Compassion
  • Conviction
  • Temperance
  • Valor

White Wolf Recommends

  • Unless you have a very good reason for doing otherwise, take “OX Body Technique” at least once.
  • Make sure your character can handle himself or herself in combat, no matter what the caste/concept
  • Take at least 1 charm that lets your character soak or avoid damage better
  • Unless you have an excellent reason not to, consider taking Body-Bending Meditation, allowing you to heal quicker
  • Make sure you have charms to help you when you AREN’T fighting


To avoid confusion please use SECOND EDITION CHARMS ONLY.

Charm Trees: These show the different “Trees” (Charms and their prerequisites). This is a download, just be aware.

If you have questions about charms just ask.

Character Creation

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