Ship Traits: The Night Star

Speed: 10/20 mph
Maneuverability: +1 Sail
Endurance: Crew’s Endurance (4)
Crew: 5/15
Cargo: 7 passengers + 3 tons of cargo or 20 passengers + 1 ton of cargo
Armor: 6L/6B
Health Levels: UX5/MX10/CX3/IX2/Destroyed
Weapons: Light Ballista, forward mount. Speed 6, -0 Acc, 7L Dmg, Rate 1, Range 300.
Repair: Wits + Craft(Wood)
Other Notes: Essence engine. When fully activated this engine adds sea and flight capability to this sturdy river craft. Without the essence engine this ship only functions on the river and can only propelled via basic wind power.

Pirates of the Night Star (Unit)
Unit Leader: Default leader is Aeshona, but any PC can take command of this army.
Magnitude: 2 (15 hearty pirates)
Drill: 1
Endurance: 4
Might: 0
Close Combat Rating (CCR): 2
Close Combat Damage (CCD): 3
Ranged Attack Rating (RAR): 2
Ranged Damage Rating (RDR): 3
Armor: 3
Mobility: -2
Morale: Commander’s Valor (Aeshona’s is 2).

For more information, see The Crew Manifest of the Night Star.

Upgrading the Night Star: Upgrading the ship uses either resource dots or artifact dots. As you acquire either you may opt to “spend” them on the ship or its crew according to the chart below. Upgrades may be reverted back to resources or artifact dots at half cost (a 4 point artifact upgrade can only create a 2 dot artifact if it is reverted in this way) if you need to salvage your upgrades for some dire reason. Any artifact with the sufficient number of dots may be stripped down for parts and applied to the ship, but it probably won’t ever be that artifact again when you do it. The maximum upgrades that the ship can take are up to 40 points of resource upgrades and up to 40 points of artifact upgrades. After that you’re just out of space, so spend wisely.

Theoretically you could make infinite upgrades to the pirate army, though your ship will only take 15 people, so you’d have to find more ships to do that. In addition, armies of Magnitude 3 and additional ships require you to have at least 4 Resources dots “in hand” in order to ensure that everyone is fed and handled appropriately.

Upgrade Resources Cost Artifact Cost
Increase Speed (per 10 mph increased) 1 2
Increase Maneuverability (per +1 S) 3
Increase Endurance (per +1 bonus to crew) 1
Reduce Crew Requirement (per -3 crew members) 1
Increase Cargo (per 1 ton or 7 passengers) 2 3
Increase Armor (per 1B/1L) 3 or 2
Add Weapons (ship can hold up to 5 at a time; may replace ballista) Cost of Weapon
Self-Repairing Hull 4
Self-Repairing Weapons 4
Artifact Compass 1
Artifact Navigation System 3
Upgrade Crew Quarters (+2 Morale) 2 1
Cloaking Capability 5
Hover/Ground Travel Capability 4
Infallible Messenger Artifact Comm Station 3
Wyld-Resistant Hull 5
Soak vs. Fire 4

Army Upgrades

Upgrade Resources Cost Artifact Cost
Increase Magnitude +1 2 + ship(s). Ship cost vary by type of ship acquired.
Increase Drill +1 1
Increase Might +1 5
Increase Armor +1 1 or 1
Decrease Mobility Penalty by 1 1 or 1
Increase CCR,CCD,RAR or RAD +1 1 or 1

Ship Traits: The Night Star

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