Vehicles and Vessels

Merchant Vessel Mud Turtle
Current Captain: Setsuko

Speed: 5/10 MPH
Maneuverability: -1 Sail
Endurance: Crew’s (2)
Crew Requirements: 3/6
Cargo: 20 passengers + 10 tons cargo or 80 passengers + 2 tons
Health Levels: UX3/MX7/CX2/IX1/Destroyed
Weapons: None
Repair: Wits + Craft(Wood)
Upgrade Limits: 10 points resources or artifacts

Patrol Vessel Cresting Wave
Current Captain: Teresu Seifuku
Speed: 30/40 mph
Manueverability: +2 Sail
Endurance: Crew’s (4)
Crew Requirements: 10/20
Cargo: 4 passengers + 2 tons cargo or 2 passengers and 1 ton.
Health Levels: UX10/MX10/CX5/IX3/Destroyed
Weapons: Sailcutter*. Spd 6, Dmg 6L, Rate 1, Range 80.
Repair: Wits + Craft(Wood)
Upgrade Limits: 60 points resources or artifacts

*A sailcutter consists of two light ballistae on a common swivel mount, but at a slightly different angle. The two ballistae fire at once. A 10-foot chain connects their two javelin with blades attached every foot or so. The javelins, chains, and blades cut a swath through a ship’s sails, rigging, and unlucky crew members. A sailcutter aimed at sails and rigging has its base damage doubled, before adding dice for successes or charms. Against people, the sailcutter’s chain deals the listed damage in an area 3 yards wide and up to 10 yards deep.


Magnitude: 2 (20 Lookshy Seamen)
Drill: 4
Endurance: 4
Might: 0
CCR: 3
CCD: 3
RAR: 3
RRD: 3
Armor: 2
Mobility: -2
Morale: 3

Vehicles and Vessels

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