Children of the Unconquered Sun

Chapter Eleven - And Leaving Denandsor!

27th Day of Wood Descending in the Years of the Glorious Reign of our Scarlett Empress, May She Live Forever.

Once again our trio of Do-Gooders were forced to confront Zhen Heaventouched and his corrupted madness. Having tainted himself with Abyssal energy, the mad Lunar had spent much of his Essence in his ritual, leaving him weakened when facing off against the group of young Lunar and Solars. Captain Desdemona, with her thirst for vengeance for the betrayal worked against her, struck the mightiest blows against Zhen, while Mihir struck him with arrows.

Rillin, taking a moment to study what the mad Lunar was doing, discovered that he was attempting to turn the entirety of Denandsor into a Shadowland.

Jumanah took the moment to return, looking very bloated, full, bloody and sounding very belchy.

Rather than take on four Exalted in battle, Zhen fled once again, leaving the reunited quartet to deal with the trap he’d left behind. A crystalline cube was holding together powerful strands of Essence, both tainted and not. Mishandling it would result in a variety of cataclysms, ranging from turning Denandsor into a Shadowland to flattening the entirety of the Scavenger Lands with hurricanes.

Working together, however, and after some friction in the party, Rillin, Jumanah and Desdemona filtered out the Abyssal taint and slowly returned the Essence to the leylines as it should be. They then were able to use the power of the cube to control the Dissonance Engine and prevent it from sending out waves of psychological torment. And although the day was saved, storms hit Denandsor as a result, keeping the party trapped in the tower for roughly another week.

While trapped for a week, the party took the time to get used to their luxurious surroundings. Food was scrounged from the gardens surrounding the tower. The party members took time to talk to each other, coming to a better understanding of each other. There wasn’t much else to do but wait out the storm and make small, daring ventures into the city to search for treasures.

And when the storms let up… they had a surprise waiting for them. Cathak Cydonis Haral, Satrap of Greyfalls, Desdemona’s estranged father and Mihir’s former master, was riding at the head of an army of six hundred fifty. They were coming for Denandsor.

Hurriedly fleeing the city, Rillin restarted the Dissonance Engine. The party fled across the city, returning to the ship and readying for takeoff. They would have left more quickly, but the engines were not working properly. They had been sabotaged. Using a Dreambroadcaster that he had found in Denandsor, Mihir used his Charms to send out a telepathic message and a burst of fear that struck Haral and his men at the same time (purely by coincidence!) the Dissonance Engine’s effects slammed into the army. Needless to say, Haral and his army fled in blind terror before the force of the double whammy. It bought them more time, at least, while Rillin repaired the engine.

The Night Star lifted into the sky and fled west towards open waters, leaving the Captain and her crew to ferret out the traitor who gave away information about them to Haral. The culprit was Zerick, the ship’s engineer, who complained that since the coming of Rillin he was no longer needed, that the ship was once their home, but now it was being overrun with Anathema.

After throwing him in the brig, the crew continued towards open waters.



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