Mihir Prakash

Archer, Priest, Healer, Mystic, Future King, Criminal


Full name: Mihir Prakash
Concept: Former Slave, Future King
Motivation: Bring Peace, Freedom, and Harmony
Caste: Zenith (Solar Exalted)
Anima: White Lion

Strength 3 Charisma 5 Perception 4
Dexterity 4 Manipulation 3 Intelligence 4
Stamina 3 Appearance 5 Wits 3
Archery 4 Athletics 1 Awareness 3
Bureaucracy 1 Craft – Magitech 2 Dodge 4
Integrity 4 Linguistics 3 Lore 1
Medicine 3 Occult 3 Performance 3
Presence 5 Resistance 3 Ride 3
Socialise 3 Stealth 2 Survival 3
War 1
Bows (Archery) 3 Command (Presence) 1 Foraging (Survival) 1
Oration (Performance) 1 Persuasion (Presence) 1 Resisting Supernatural Mind Effects (Integrity) 2
Second Archery Excellency Trance of Unhesitating Speed There is No Wind
Essence Arrow Attack (Dazzling Flare, Righteous Judgement Arrow, Fiery Arrow Attack)
Second Integrity Excellency Spirit-Maintaining Maneuver Temptation-Resisting Stance
Invincible Ego Shield
Second Medicine Excellency Wound-Mending Care Technique Flawless Diagnostic Technique
Ailment-Rectifying Method Instant Treatment Methodology Contagion-Curing Touch
Second Presence Excellency Hypnotic Tongue Technique Irresistible Salesman Spirit
You Can Be More Majestic Radiant Presence (vs Valor)
Body-Bending Meditation Durability of Oak Meditation Ox-Body Technique (1)
2nd Ride Excellency
2nd Socialise Excellency Wild Revelry Approach Taboo-Inflicting Diatribe
Heroism-Encouraging Presence
Compassion 4 Conviction 2 Temperance 2 Valor 3

Virtue Flaws: Compassion Martyrdom


  • Essence: 3
  • Willpower: 7
  • Limit Breaks: Compassion 5/10
  • Personal Essence: 16
  • Peripheral Essence: 31/39 (8m lost to attunement)
  • Health: -0 -1 -1 -1 -2 -2 -2 -2 -4 I


  • Acute Sense (Sight) – Grants 1 auto-succ on all perception rolls involving sight.
  • Acute Sense (Hearing) – Grants 1 auto-succ on all perception rolls involving hearing.
  • Born to Rule – Grants free 1-dot specialty in Presence called Command.
  • Lucid Dreamer – Dreams of the future, and in time, can enter the Dream Realm and the dreams of other people.
  • Past Lives – For the cost of 1m per dot, can add up to 3 die in any roll once per story, even untrained in something, to reflect the Solar’s past lives.


  • Wanted – A high-profile criminal. Wanted by Cathak Cydonis Haral, the Satrap of Greyfalls, and his wife Jezmin: is an escaped slave, stole a shit ton of silver, stole a shit ton of jade, stole the orichalcum bow, the jade armour, the hearthstone, and the clockwork horse.
  • Enemy – Cathak Cydonis Haral and Jezmin.
  • Favour – Owes a favour to a powerful someone.


  • Artefact 5 – Orichalcum Bow Base of Power Longbow (rating 3). Speed 6, Accuracy +2, Damage +4L, Range 400. You commit 6 points of your essence to use it. It’s got an empty socket for a hearthstone. Also has (for the 2 extra points): -2 speed for Speed 4. Final stats (when attuned): Speed 4, Acc 2, Dam 4L/2, Range 400 yds, Rating 3, Attune 6m.
  • Artefact 2 – Ashigaru Skirmish Armour Soak 6B/4L, Hardness 4B/4L, mobility penalty of -2, fatigue penalty of 1. Can be used by mortals. These are helmets and skin tight bodysuits layered with light plates of magical alloys protecting legs, arms, and torso. The magical plates seem to need some sort of repair right now, but the armour is functional as armour and successful repairs might shake out new powers. Mihir has repaired his suit to gain the following: Filtration Baffles – +2 bonus to Resistance against poison or all forms of disease (including wound infection); one-hour supply of fresh air (refilling the tank in fresh air takes one minute per five minutes of air added to the tank).
  • Artefact 3 – Clockwork Steed Stats: Strength 6, Dexterity 4, Stamina 6, Perception 2, Intelligence 2, Wits 3, Willpower 10, -0 -0 -1 -1 -1 -1 -2 -2 -2 -2 -4 -4 I health levels, Speed 5 attack, Accuracy 5, Damage 2L, Rate 1 (bite), Kick: Speed 2, Accuracy 2, Damage 9L, Rate 1, Dodge DV 3, Soak 5A/5L/13B, Abilities Athletics 3, Awareness 2, Dodge 2, Integrity 5, Investigation 1, Martial Arts 1, Presence 1, Resistance 2, Survival 2. Auto-fail Compassion rolls, Auto-succ on Temperance and Valor, Conviction ??
  • Artefact 1 – Orichalcum Amulet Used to hold a hearthstone. It allows Mihir to regain 1 extra mote of Essence per hour. 1m attunement
  • Artefact 4 – Forge Hand Gauntlets They do spiffy things. But Mihir never uses these so they’re being marked on the sheet to remember they exist and can be a potential gift or bribe.
  • Artefact 5 – Artificial Intelligence for Garron The AI has an Essence of 3. It has a reserve of 30 motes of Essence, which in the modified condition can be used by the rider as if the mount were a living animal or to fuel its Charms. The AI can communicate telepathically with the most recent rider to attune it at a range of up to five miles away. It can actively attempt to prevent a new and unidentified rider from attuning to the clockwork steed by winning an opposed Essence roll. If it fails to prevent attunement, however, it cannot attempt to block that rider again until a different rider attunes the steed successfully and becomes the new owner. The AI enhances the clockwork steed’s attributes with one free dot in every Mental and Social Attribute and 10 dots to spread among those Attributes. The AI remembers most of its prior existence (including one automatic success on any attempt to remember information about prior pilots and an unmodified Intelligence roll to remember generalized First Age lore). The AI cannot materialise, and in its modified form augmenting the clockwork steed, it cannot project a phantasmal image. However, it can project a voice so that it appears as though the steed itself is speaking. The AI has Virtues just like any other sentient being. It has the Charm Measure the Wind and five other Charms, which may be chosen from the following list: Essence Bite, Tracking, Camouflage, Donning Spiritual Armour, Uncanny Prowess, and Spirit Cutting.
  • Hearthstone – Manse 3 – Crystal of Legendary Leadership This rounded, many-faced green triangle enhances the bearer’s ability to lead others. The bearer’s player gains one bonus success to any Presence, Performance or Bureaucracy rolls involving leadership or governance, as well as to any War rolls involving rallying troops.
  • Hearthstone – Manse 5 – Jewel of Supremacy This chunk of pale, rough-hewn rock has a pearlescent, silvery glitter when held up to the light. The bearer’s player gains two bonus successes to an Attribute of his choosing when initially attuning to the stone. (Charisma for Mihir, stone not yet acquired)
  • Artefact 2 – Rillin’s Amulet of Mental Defence 1m attunement cost. Adds 2 to the MDVs. Made of composite magical materials. These amulets were made by Rillin Greenstrider the Lunar Scholar from materials gathered together in Denandsor.
  • Manse 3 – Temple of Rathess (Solar hearthstone – Crystal of Legendary Leadership)
  • Manse 5 – The central tower of Denandsor (Lunar hearthstone – Jewel of Supremacy)
  • Resources 3 – Stolen jade from Cydonis Haral and Jezmin

Languages: High Realm, Low Realm, Old Realm, Riverspeak

Intimacies: Jumanah Nightstalker, Desdemona, the Unconquered Sun, Cydonis Haral and Jezmin, Cardassian Marak, Rillin Greenstrider, the Ending of Slavery, the Redemption of his Enemies, the Dragon Kings, Garron the Clockwork Steed



Sold into slavery at the age of fourteen, Mihir was always a handsome boy. He had been born to a poor farmer and huntsman, the eldest of six children, and he was sold to Satrap Haral and Jezmin Cydonis of Greyfalls in order to pay for enough food to keep his family from starving for five years. Too handsome for fieldwork, he was kept at the manor, where he was taught to read and write so that he could be an assistant to the scribe and maintain the ledgers. He had a voracious appetite for books, trying to read everything he could get his hands on, and he was remarkably bright.

At the age of sixteen, as he came fully into his manhood, he became more than just an apprentice scribe. Jezmin took a fancy to his beauty, and he was soon intimately familiar with her boudoir. Haral was not pleased with this, and he arranged for Mihir to be forced into the arena as a gladitorial slave. So his life alternated between time with Jezmin in her bedchambers and time in the gladitorial pits, fighting for the right to live another night.

At the age of twenty-two, after six years of endurance, he had a vision. Haral had sent him down into the pits again, this time to face down a Tyrant Lizard. He won by shooting it in the eye with an arrow, and as he lay on the ground, struggling to recover, sunlight engulfed him. In his vision, the Unconquered Son named him one of his Children, filling his body and his soul with new strength and a new purpose.

That night, on his twenty-second birthday, he knew he could no longer stay. In the dead of night he slipped away, taking several extremely valuable artefacts with him – a set of jade armour, an orichalcum bow, the heartstone of Jezmin’s manse, a clockwork horse, and money. The money he sent to his birth family, to give them resources to flee lest Haral and Jezmin’s wrath destroy them. Then he was off and running.

He dreams endlessly of his future and of his past lives. He knows that once he had gone utterly mad, but he cannot remember why it had come to be. He knows there are companions he has yet to find, friends he used to have, and he knows that somewhere out there, one of the Lunar Exalted is his wife and soulmate. Together, they had died during the Usurpation. He’ll find her someday and marry her again.

Mihir Prakash

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