Children of the Unconquered Sun

Chapter Fifteen - In Goldwood Ruins, Part Two

Still deep in the Goldwood Ruins of Halta, the intrepid foursome had just completed challenge when they came face to face with another.

In a room full of pipes and chimes, the Hall of Harmony, Mihir had to find the right combination of notes to compose the perfect melody to complement the sweet, serene music. It took awhile to get the composition just right, but eventually the door was opened.

The Hall of Ice awaited them next, battering them with supernatural cold, but their internal fortitude got them through.

The next challenge was for Desdemona to complete, a challenging gauntlet that tested her dexterity to the extreme. She flew through the course, dashing across bridges and slippery logs, making tremendous flips and leaps, all while threatened by fire and acid. And at the very end, she pulled a lever to clear the path for her teammates.

A circular room with a strange, mechanical device and seven locks awaited them in the next chamber. It took all of them working together to disarm and unlock each one, and that was the end of the challenges.

At long last, after what seemed like several weeks of toiling, the Foursome found the sleeping Lizard Kings and were able to revive them. Speaking only High Holy Speech, they were eventually convinced to return with the foursome, trying to worship the Solars along the way.



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