Children of the Unconquered Sun

Chapter Fourteen - In Goldwood Ruins, Part One

Merely finding Goldwood Ruins was not enough for a victory for the Awesome Foursome. There were traps and dangers to conquer, disable and overcome.

A forcefield blocked their entry into the tomb itself, eventually requiring the disabling of four elemental plates mounted at the tops of twenty-five-feet-high pillars. This was done eventually using arrows, beams of energy and a thrown spear.

Their next challenge involved moving across the checkered floor in a specific pattern, which Jumanah accomplished with the dance-like moves of a kata.

The chamber beyond held a very large game of stones, a game which Rillin could practically win in his sleep, and thus he got them past the challenge.

Beyond, the Hall of Madmen tested each one in turn with haunting, horrifying images that would disturb them most. “Let none pass through here who know not their own minds and hearts,” said an inscription. It was difficult to get through, and Jumanah was nearly lost to the illusions that plagued her, but all four managed to pull together, focus through the mind magic that was pelted at them, and got to the other side.

But there was still more to come…



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