Children of the Unconquered Sun

Chapter Seventeen - Cue the Imperial March

At Mihir’s insistence, Haral arrived, and the meeting began on rather shaky footing. It didn’t help that, partway through, Mihir tried to deck the man on the jaw and resulted only in injuring his own hand.

However, the meeting confirmed that which Constantin had told them. Haral wanted their help, and in return he would offer them titles of nobility. He would give them land, power, wealth, resources, and industries… In return, he wanted:

He leans back in his seat. "Alright, let’s lay it on the line. What I need from you people. Your support. I need you to help me win this war and carve out these borders. I need you to convince an entire populace who has been taught to hate and fear your kind that they’ve been lied to and the Realm has been using them. In return is negotiable. Mihir, if you want to be some sort of Seneshal or moral compass or…religious guide or whatever, we can talk about that. You want to see this kingdom shape up a bit differently then the realm, well, guess what? The foundation is where you forward those ideas and get them put into action. You’re getting a chance to change destinies for entire peoples, including people like your family, and like who you used to be. You are getting the chance to create something new, and I’m not so sure you can walk away from it. What kind of ruler would I be? Same kind of commander and lord that I am. For the most part, I take care of my own.

The meeting was eventually concluded, again with everyone dispersing to think it over, but as they parted ways, Haral said to Mihir that he would need to know everything that was at stake before saying no to him.

Which meant there was something more to be found out that he hadn’t said, something very, very important.



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