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Exalted have 2 incarnations. They are born and live out part of their lives as normal humans. Eventually the shard of a Solar soul enters them (the second breath) and they become heroes and demigods. Originally they were created to fight the Primordials (think of these as titans, because essentially that’s what they are) so the Gods could get about the business of playing their God games.

When the Primordials were defeated Gaia, the only Primordial to side with the Exalted, interceded for them so that they were imprisoned rather than executed. As they were imprisoned the Primordials struck out with the Great Curse against the gods, the Exalted and Creation.

Information about the Exalted

This is obviously fairly sketchy info, but I’m just trying to give you enough to understand the game without overwhelming you. You may well learn much more ICly.

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